Is a Career As a Game Designer All Fun and Games?

Who hasn’t played computer games these days? And, more importantly, who doesn’t like to play computer games! There are games for people of all ages and all kinds of people. If playing computer games on a computer can be so interesting, imaging how interesting it would be to sit down and design them. The game designer is a person who has an amazing amount of imagination and technical skill and he designs games that keep people glued to their computers all day. He can even play around with your emotions using the games he designs!

It’s not easy to be a game designer. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication – but more than that it needs a genuine interest and the passion to become one. Anybody can design video games, but not everybody can design the best ones unless they are driven by the real passion to achieve something and create something that is out of the world! Well, apart from that, you should also have some academic qualifications that would help you, like certifications in graphics and multimedia designing and software development. If you can get yourself a diploma or degree in art, it would also be a great help. You can also get yourself a degree in designing computer games, which could also help you in many ways.

The two basic skills required to become a video game designer are artistic skills and technical skills. There are numerous channels you can pursue in game designing. You may opt to become a programmer or a gaming artist – although design here normally refers to the graphical characteristics of the development of the game.

There are several colleges and schools that specialize exclusively in game development and design. Since gaming has become extremely popular these days, due to the consoles (Play station and Xbox) being such a hit. These courses fill up very quickly. Some of them are pretty expensive but the starting salary as a designer will help you in paying up the debt easily. However, the course material isn’t so easy; it requires hard work and complete dedication.

Some colleges that are said to be the best for potential game designers comprise of:
* Johns Hopkins University
* Savannah College of Art and Design
* Animation Mentor
* The Art Institute Online
* International Academy of Design and Technology
* Art Center College of Design
* Digital Media Arts College
* Pratt Institute
* ITT Technical Institute
* University of Texas at Dallas Arts and Technology

Remember, when you take anything as a career or as a business, it does not remain just fun and games. You require being more responsible and liable for your actions. Moreover, to become a good game designing professional you need to communicate well, as you will have to put other people’s sketches and ideas into reality. There are some game designers who have to work only on the game plot, wherein they don’t need as much graphical and software skills, nonetheless, whatever the sub domain, being a designer you may need to know your job well.

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Homeschool Math Can Be Fun and Games

Finding ways to make math fun and interesting can be difficult. Children need to practice certain skills in math to become competent but doing the same drills again and again isn’t much fun.

However, making math fun can be as easy as adding a few games into your daily math routine. Math games can be used to introduce new concepts, practice math skills and consolidate math concepts.

Here are four different types of math games to consider using in your Home School math program.

Math Board Games

Board games can be used to teach different math skills. Commercial board games are available but these can be expensive and often one board game will only teach or practice one skill. A better alternative is to involve the children in making their own board games or look for ready made board games that can be printed from the internet.

Math Card Games

Math card games can be played with a simple deck of cards or with specially designed cards. Simple match up games are easy to make with cards having an equation on one card and the answer on the matching card. This can be played like Memory or Concentration. Children simply turn over 2 cards at a time and if they match they get to keep the cards.

Pencil and Paper Games

Many games can be played with just a pencil and paper. Everyone knows the word game Hangman but not everyone knows that Hangman can be adapted to a math game. Simply choose an equation and draw a dash for each of the numerals and signs in the equation, e.g. 24+18=42 would be recorded as 8 dashes _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Children then guess the signs and the numerals (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Write the sign or numeral on the dash for each correct guess and draw a part of the hangman for each incorrect guess. HINT: If you don’t like the idea of drawing a hangman, just change it to something else and play ‘Racing Car’ or ‘Robot’ instead. Just decide upon the shape to be drawn before you start.

Other Games

Many math games can be played with little or no equipment. Twenty Questions can be played with no equipment at all. One player thinks of a number within a set range, e.g. between 0 and 100. The other player/s asks questions about the number until they guess what the number is. Each question can only be answered with yes or no, e.g. Is it an odd number? Is it larger than 50?

Tips for selecting Math Games for Home School Math

– Make sure that the instructions are simple, clear and easy to follow.
– Make sure that the game will challenge the ability level of your child without being so difficult that it will frustrate them.
– Ensure that everyone is aware of all of the rules.
– Involve children in making and selecting the games to give them a sense of ownership of the games. This way they will be even keener to play as they will regard it as ‘my game’ or ‘the game that I made’.
– Let your child know why you are playing the game – what they will get from playing the game.

Get creative and you will find that there is no end to the number of games that you can use to increase math skills and increase math fun.

Home-Based Business Survival Secret #2 – Know Your Business

For those who pursue a home-based business, there are many variables to control. Though the idea of being one’s own boss is certainly exciting, it is vital that entrepreneurs never forget that with freedom comes responsibility. One of the best ways to handle this responsibility for any home-based business, whether it is in network marketing or multilevel marketing, is to simply understand how successful businesses are run.Know Your BusinessNo matter how laid back a home-based business may seem, it is crucial to remember that it is still a business and should be treated as one. This means that individuals must create a strong work model, paying attention to everything from the workspace itself to the way business is handled on a daily basis. In all, a home-based business must strive to create an entire atmosphere that is conducive to creativity, productivity, and success.A Quality WorkspaceThose who are serious about pursuing a home-based business need to pay special attention to the workspace they will be using. For the best results, it is usual helpful to have a designated workspace, distinctive from other parts of the home. This not only helps define the workspace, but it can help individuals separate their work from their personal lives. This separation not only provides individuals a chance to leave work behind them after hours, but it also can lead to greater focus during work hours.Other elements to a quality workspace might include a comfortable chair, a sizable desk, or convenient access to a printer and telephone. It might even be helpful to look carefully at the location of the workspace, perhaps placing the workspace near a window or in a quiet corner of the house. Some decoration and personal effects can go a long way toward creating the right ambiance, but it is important to not add too many elements to the workspace in order to avoid unnecessary distractions.A Meaningful ScheduleA home-based business is often appealing because it allows one to work on an individualized schedule. While it is true that most home-based businesses offer a certain flexibility, these businesses still need structure to thrive. One way to provide such structure is through a schedule. This schedule should be catered to the demands of the home-based business in question. For more elaborate home-based businesses, it may be important to maintain normal business hours. For flexible home-based business opportunities, there may be more give in the work hours.However, no matter what the business demands, individuals must create a schedule and stick to it. All home-based businesses should have daily or weekly goals, with realistic agendas that are adhered to as best as possible. Maintaining a schedule can be difficult, which is why individuals should always be self-motivated and keenly aware of timing issues. With a home-based business, the success or failure of the project is solely on the owner, so it is vital to keep on track with sound scheduling.Professionalism in ActionTo truly succeed with any home-based business, the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the entrepreneur. To successfully sell any product and retain clients, individuals need to present themselves as legitimate business owners. This level of professionalism will not only lead to a more productive home-based workspace, but will also yield greater monetary return.